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An Idea Was Born


One day I found myself with the interesting dilemma of wanting to wear a baseball cap, but having absolutely perfect space buns already situated on my head. Could I wear a visor? Yes, but that wasn't the look I wanted to achieve, nor did that provide my precious scalp the sun coverage I was going to need. BOOM, it came to me: Why can't I enjoy both styles? I'm sure this exists.

I searched high and low hoping to buy this glorious headwear I had in mind, and nothing came close to my vision. I went to the store and bought a cap that I took home and modified to wear out into the world. After getting stopped by many people wanting to know where I bought my hat, I thought to myself that I and my fellow fashionistas deserve something fun, new, and functional! My grandmother gifted me an old sewing machine and I got to work. After trial and error (a few times over) a design came to life and I began sharing my caps with everyone else. Realizing I had a stand out product, I decided to find out just how one-of-a-kind it was and am proud to say I now have a US patent for these baseball caps. I am ecstatic to have sold my invention to happy customers all over America and even outside of the country.

All of the feedback and design requests have helped me build my small business into what it is today and I am so grateful for every order I receive. The designs and styles are endless, and I hope that you fall in love with them too!


Courtney Reanne



woman wearing hand-tailored burgundy cotton women’s baseball cap with scrunchies for space buns and pigtails hairstyles

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Collage of women wearing space buns and pigtails baseball caps